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Surgery and implants


Different situations can lead to the decision to have surgery: prevention of dental problems, aesthetics, rehabilitation ...

  • Simple extractions: an erupted tooth, a residual root, fractured or decayed tooth...
  • Surgical extractions: a tooth that has not fully erupted, which has not come out fully or partially, a very damaged tooth ...
  • Gum grafts: It is the treatment used to counter receding gums. This usually involves taking a graft at the palate and then grafted near the tooth that is receding.
  • Apectomy: This involves removing part of the root end as well as the diseased tissue around the root.


A dental implant is similar to an artificial root that is placed into the jawbone to replace the root of a missing tooth.

This is often in the form of a titanium screw in the jawbone and used as a support for the artificial teeth.

The advantage of the implant treatment compared to a conventional prosthesis treatment (denture or bridge) is essential so as not to rest on the remaining teeth. This is the solution that should be given priority when the adjacent teeth are healthy.

For complete toothlessness, a full mouth implant, opens new opportunities for stable and fixed prostheses, which are more comfortable and aesthetic.

We can treat young patients with implants, once their growth is completed, either from sixteen years for girls and eighteen years for boys.

In adults, there are no contraindications related to age.

An implant can be placed, immediately after the tooth extraction or after healing of the bone and gum. The surgery is often simpler and less painful. It is performed under local anesthesia for the treatment of caries. The postoperative phase is often less painful than other minor procedures.

The final prosthesis is performed within two to six months after the integration of the implant at the bone.

It is essential to have excellent hygiene throughout this process to avoid infection of the gums.