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Prosthodontics is the specialty that aims to replace one or more missing teeth.

There are several types.


It is mainly used on anterior teeth.

It covers the buccal surface or the visible surface of the tooth. It is used to cover up visible stains, to change the position of a tooth or to close a diasthème.

The porcelain veneer offers an aesthetic and natural result. It does not change color over time.

The inlay

It is used for larger cavities.

A reconstruction in laboratory is required.

It looks like a porcelain block that fits perfectly into the cavity.


It is used to cover the entire coronal part of the tooth.

It is used to cover a damaged tooth or decayed tooth, as well as a tooth that had a root canal. It is manufactured either of porcelain, metal-ceramic,zirconium, e-max or gold in the laboratory.

Fixed bridge

It is used to replace one or more missing teeth.

It consists of the abutments (teeth) and pontics (false teeth). This allows the teeth around the missing teeth to become misaligned.

Immediate removable dentures

We take an impression of the teeth to make a denture before the patient comes to extract his teeth. It allows patients to go home with a denture in the mouth immediately after a tooth extraction.

Here are some benefits: it helps to stop bleeding quickly, prevents food from lodging in the alveoli with less risks of an alveolitis. The denture is good temporarily for six months to a year. Then we must make a new denture when the gum has completed its recovery. 

Conventional dentures

It is made after the healing of the gums and jaw tissues.

(Roughly three months after tooth extraction)

Implant dentures

The implant denture provides better stability and better chewing.

We use different kinds of fasteners according to the patient's request.

Partial prostheses with precision attachments

We use it for better fixation when there is the presence of crowns on the teeth on which we will place the partial.

(There are several kinds of precision attachments).

Partial dentures 

This prosthesis is placed on some remaining teeth using brackets.