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Modern cosmetic dentistry today takes the form of an architecture based on biological and aesthetic bases guaranteeing the global integration of the restoration within the patient.

The objectives of the filling are to stop the process of decay, restore the anatomy and function of the teeth and improve aesthetics.

To restore a decayed or previously filled tooth, we offer two choices:

  • The composites; for small cavities, a metal-free material, functional and aesthetic.
  • The inlay; for larger cavities, a reconstruction is necessary in the laboratory from an impression of the tooth in question.

Chairside veneers

It is the covering of a buccal surface of the teeth or the aesthetic improvement in case of stains , to change the shape, color, or to close a diasthème.

The process is made directly at the dental practice.

It involves the removal of a thin layer of enamel. We proceed with a chemical bonding for better grip.

Then, it is covered with a composite that is made at the chairside to give it a better appearance.. 

Here are some advantages of using composite:

  • Absence of mercury
  • Chemical adhesion therefore greater retention
  • Preservation of the tooth structure
  • More aesthetic since there are several color choices
  • Hardens immediately, thanks to a polymerization light